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Install HP Printer Driver : How To Set Up, Configure Immediately?

Printers surely make all printing processes convenient and easier. With so many benefits, there are many brands available too that make printing process ultimate and easier in all different manner. When it comes to brands, users are much more attracted towards HP, from decade till present day. HP printers hold different and unique specifications that give ultimate user experience. One can dial HP customer care number to reach experts for help whenever necessary.

What Are The Key Features Of HP Printers?

HP printers maintain a really good and stable feature that accomplishes any task easily. With HP key features users are very much benefited. Take a look at some of the features

  • Its printing speed very fast.
  • Easily gets connected.
  • Provides wireless connectivity without any trouble.
  • Facility of USB setup
  • Ink cartridge installation setup conveniently
  • High quality printing
  • Many more

How Do I Connect Wireless Printer?

  1. At first you can unpack your printer
  2. Follow the setup instructions to remove packaging
  3. Now plug in the power cord
  4. Turn on the printer and install print cartridges
  5. After that allow the printer to go through its startup routine
  6. Choose one of the connection methods described below
  7. If your printer supports it and you choose an Ethernet (wired) connection
  8. Connect it now and skip to installing HP printer driver software.

Steps For HP Printer Driver Installation and Setup –

  • At first just unpack your printer
  • Now you will get two installation discs for MAC & Windows Computer Inside Printer Packing
  • Keep in mind that if you don’t have installation disc you Can Also download the latest software for your printer from Official Hp Website
  • Use the Power Cord to Plug Printer from Power Outlet
  • After That Turn On Your Printer
  • Now select your language and press yes
  • Go to the next step
  • Please confirm your country And Region
  • Confirm Yes
  • Now set the Date
  • Press Continue
  • Click Continue On Next Step As Well
  • Select Self Manage Option And Hit Continue
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and Insert the Cartridge That Came with Printer Properly
  • Close the Access Door
  • Now Printer will check the Cartridge
  • Prompt You for Paper
  • Please Clean the Printer Try and Load the Paper
  • Adjust it properly and Slide the Try Inside
  • Close it
  • Touch OK
  • Continue to your printer To Start the Initialization Process
  • Now Printer will check the paper and Grant you a test print page
  • Now Your Printer Will Ask You to Visit to Download And Setup Printer Driver.

How To Configure HP Office Jet Printer or Install HP Printer Driver?

  • Install the cartridges in the printer and add paper to the tray
  • Insert installation CD and run the printer set up application which will install the printer drivers.
  • Connect your printer to the PC using the USB cable and turn it on.
  • Look in your printer’s folder on your computer
  • Go to “Start” then “Printers and Faxes”
  • On Vista and Windows 7
  • Hit the Windows key and type “printers” into the search box to quickly get to the Printers section
  • For Mac, go to System Preferences
  • Select “Print & Fax”
  • Print a test page
  • In Windows, right-click on the printer and go to “Properties”
  • Click the “Print Test Page” button
  • On Mac, click on the “Options & Supplies” button
  • Then the “Utility” tab and click “Print Test Page”

If all goes well, you will be able to easily configure or install HP printer driver. IF any issue or problem persists, you can take our help anytime needed. Our professionals will help you receive best services anytime and anywhere. You can dial HP Printer OfficeJet Customer Service number for all types of hindrances and concern.

Why Choose Us For HP Printer Driver Installation Support?

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